Exploring the Text

  1. Describe the part of the story that you liked the best and explain why.  Describe the feelings you had when you were reading this story.  Have you ever had similar feelings when you were reading another story?  Explain.  Share your thoughts with a partner.
  2. Reread the four paragraphs describing the protagonist near the beginning of the story, starting with words, “The man turned abruptly” (p.67).  Working with two other people, make a list of all the things we learn about the protagonist in these paragraphs.  Now select any three of these things and show how they become significant later in the story.  Share your ideas with two other students.
  3. Reread the part of the story describing the man’s actions just prior to catching the mullet, then reread his actions just prior to netting the ray.  Compare these two passages looking primarily for difference.  In what ways do these differences prepare us for the accident?
  4. Consider what qualities humans possess that fish do not.  At times during his struggle the man fights as all creatures, including people, fight when they are trapped; at other times his struggles are different.  Analyze the difference in the two fighting techniques.  Are there times when the first technique might work well?  Why does it not work well in this situation?