Listen to some of the hit songs – especially love songs – from the fifties and sixties, looking for unconscious stereotyping of both sexes. When you have collected ten or twelve examples, select five of the best and discuss them in your blog, embedding parts of the songs. Encourage students to respond to your post by inviting them to imagine that the gender roles in the lyrics were reversed. Invite your readers to post comments to your post on the question, “Is there stereotyping in today’s hit songs?”




View the NFB film Prairie Women by Barbara Evans. What does this film add to your understanding of Ann’s situation? Quote lines from the film that, to you, most accurately summarize Ann’s experience. In your post, use one film clip that you feel most vividly captures the life of a farm wife on the prairies.



Field_of_DreamsView the film Field of Dreams.

In both the film and McCormack’s story, the world the protagonist longs for becomes the world that is. In both works, the protagonist is drawn into the world he wished for and/or created.

In the film, we see events primarily from the point of view of the protagonist, but in the story we see them from the point of view of a third-person narrator.

Events in the story, therefore, are distanced from the reader in order to make them more credible.

If you were going to turn “The Hobby” into a film, what point of view would you use? How would you make the events of “The next Sunday morning. Two a.m.” believable?

Storyboard the final scene.


You may work with one other student on this project. View the film The Metamorphosis of Mr. Samsa (NFB), based on Kafka’s novel The Metamorphosis. This is an innovative, award-winning film that uses sand on glass to create a Kafkaesque film of alienation and guilt. There is no narration.

Imagine you are the former ape.

Assuming his level of discourse and tone of voice, write a description of what you see and what you feel as you are watching this film.

See the film at least twice and discuss with your partner the best way to approach this activity.





Imagine you are a reporter.  The boy from the reformatory has been found by police and charged with the beating of the woman, and you are assigned the task of interviewing Collins as part of your preparation for writing the article.  What would Collins tell you?  What news article would you write?


Watch the 1978 film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers . Watch special effects—music, camera techniques, sound effects, juxtaposition of scenes, etc.—are used to create horror? Rewrite one of the scenes from Ritter’s piece to create an atmosphere of horror, script it, and then try the results on videotape or audiotape.


The tone in the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail is similar in some ways to the tone of this short fiction in that it, too, seems to shift back and forth between a respect for, and a parodying of, the fairy-tale genre. View this film and select three scenes from it to compare with three scenes form “Fairy Tale.” Remember you are focusing on tone, not plot. Look for differences as well as similarities.