Marghanita Laski, 1915 – 1988

In her home country of England, Marghanita Laski was well known as a journalist, broadcaster, critic, and author.  She wrote in many genres, and received praise both for her fiction and for her works of biographical criticism:  the latter including Jane Austen and Her World, George Eliot and Her World,  and more recently, From Palm to Pine:  Rudyard Kipling Abroad and At Home.  Her novels show her equally at home with fantasy and science fiction in Love on the Supertax;  social satire in Toasted English;  terror in The Victorian Chaise-Longue; and humour in The Village.  Her most critically acclaimed work, Little Boy Lost, set in France after World War II, was adapted to film by Paramount in 1953, and starred Bing Crosby as the father searching for his missing son.